Mobile Apps Challenge: Let the Games Begin!


This weekend, the City of Santa Fe, MIX, and the New Mexico Tech Council host New Mexico’s first mobile apps challenge at the Santa Fe Complex.

Programmers, designers, small biz developers and marketers got together Saturday morning to meet and discuss some very creative apps. Asher and I came with a few ideas, met some programmers and engaged in a thorough brainstorming session. Once details and the scope of work were decided, we began work on the Shady Parking App.

Andrew Stone opening the Challenge Saturday morning, May 21, at the Santa Fe Complex.

The programmers for the Shady Parking App: Bill, Michael, Dan and Gabe.


First we sketched out the user interface, deciding on how you would use the screens to find a cool spot to park, and which buttons and navigation were needed to mark your location so you could return again.

As the programmers got busy, I went outside and took photos of Guadalupe Street, our demo area. I met Kyndra Garcia, a Santa Fe native, who agreed to be our phone model.

Back at the Complex, I purchased a domain name, set up a WordPress site and started crafting the marketing message. By 6pm, we were ready for beers and beef.

End of the day Saturday, and time for a pint at the Cowgirl.

Each team will be presenting their mobile apps Sunday, May 22 starting at 5pm at the Santa Fe Complex on Agua Fria. Please come by and join us!


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